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Q            Are masks required?

A            We will follow the Indiana State and Dubois County guidelines that are in affect at the time of the show.

Q             Are pets allowed?

A             Vendors are not allowed to have pets in the booths or buildings.

                See the Rules on the Vendor Info page.


Q              How do I know my application has been accepted?

A              Your canceled check is both your receipt and verification that your application has been accepted.


Q              When will I get my booth number?

A              When you arrive at the show to set-up, go to the office in the Clover Pavilion to check in and get your booth assignment  

                 and vendor packet. 

                 Note: You are not allowed to set-up without checking in first.


Q             Can I sell merchandise that I have not made?

A             No, this is an arts & crafts show and everything must be hand-made by the vendor.

                No commercial products are allowed.


Q             Will there ever be flea-market vendor along with craft vendors?

A             No, we do not accept flea-market vendors or merchandise.


Q             What time zone is the show in?

A             Eastern Time Zone


Q             Can we have a space heater?

A             No          Indiana Fire Marshall prohibits it.


Q             Can we have lighted candles or any burning item?

A             No          Indiana Fire Marshall prohibits it.


Q             Can we smoke inside the buildings?

A             No          Indiana Fire Marshall, 4H rules, and State of Indiana law prohibit it..


Q             Where can we park our cars and trailers?

A             In between the Cattle Barn and Swine Barns

                Behind both barns to the north

                In the rock area between roadway and the orange barrels


Q             Can I sleep in my car?

A             Yes, same as sleeping in a camper.


Q             Where may I camp?

A             You can set up your camper in the rock area between the road and orange barrels

                You can set up your camper between the cattle barn and the swine barn

                You can set up your camper behind the cattle barn and the swine barn

                You can set up a tent behind the buildings

                For a fee you may camp in the campgrounds


Q             May I have a campfire?

A             Only in an above ground firebox and you must properly dispose your ashes. 

               No ground fires permitted.  If camping in the Campgrounds there are fireboxes provided for campfires.


Q             May I run my extension cord across the building?

A             No, it is a safety hazard leading to Slips, trips and falls.


Q             May I run my extension cord along the wall behind 2 or more other vendors?

A             Only if all the effected vendors agree.


Q             Since the vendor next to me is not coming this year may I move into their space?

A             Usually no, but check with the office to see if it is a possibility.


Q             I am a food vendor, when must I apply for a Duboius county food vendor permit?

A             Apply a minimum of two weeks prior to the show..


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